LAPD On Tactical Alert As Skateboard Movie Premiere Turns Violent

The Hollywood debut tonight of Bake And Destroy turned explosive when fans started attacking LAPD officers on the scene. The opening of the skateboard movie by skate company Bakerboys Distribution was on a first come basis at the Vine Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. “People were cool but then around 830 people were hitting each other with beer cans, throwing cigs at pedestrians & starting fights,” tweeted one movie-goer of fans who couldn’t get into the packed theater “But then the line got restless and when a cop car pulled up people started shouting “ftp” and a few kids hit the car with beer cans.” Officers outside the theater from the LAPD’s Hollywood division requested back-up around 8:40 PM tonight and a tactical alert was issued for the vicinity, police spokesperson Detective Gus Villanueva told Deadline. The LAPD estimated that around 400 people were outside the Vine Theatre when the incident started. “As more officers were arriving, the officers already on the scene were pelted with rocks and bottles. I don’t know how many people were throwing those objects but more additional officers from other parts of the city were requested,” he said. “There’s a full blown riot with police in riot gear at Hollywood and Ivar. Avoid the whole area!!!” tweeted another person who witnessed the incident. Once sufficient officers were in place, the LAPD cleared the street. They shut down that section of Hollywood, as well as nearby intersections, starting around 9:15 PM. Detective Villanueva said that disturbance ended around 10:30 PM. “We are not aware of any arrests or if any officers were injured. The main group has been moved and officers were mopping up any stragglers,” he added. Bakerboys Distribution did not respond to requests for comment.

(photo by Ana Paula Negrao from Twitter)

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