Harvey Weinstein Talks Politics, Gives Film Refresher Course In Wide-Ranging Keynote

“This won’t be political — in case you’re writing that down, Deadline Hollywood,” Harvey Weinstein said from the stage during his jam-packed London Film Festival keynote address this evening. But the mogul, fresh from a trip to Cannes to hype his company’s TV slate at MIPCOM, did make several politically charged comments during a wide-ranging speech and Q&A that touched on everything from Mitt Romney and fundraising for President Obama to criticizing government regulators, Google and Apple and piracy, and Hollywood studios over their penchant for remakes and sequels.

Suggesting that regulators are not being smart enough to deal with issues of consolidation — “Six companies will end up owning” a 500-channel universe, creating a “Central Bureau” with fewer content buyers — the Obama supporter said there was a need for “smart guys — like the ones who do Mitt Romney’s taxes.” He then riffed about the Republican presidential candidate’s lack of transparency when it comes to his 1040s. “Fourteen percent! How can he pay that? Why is he not showing 10 years of taxes?” Noting how Romney’s father made a dozen years of returns available when he ran for president, Weinstein said Romney the younger “doesn’t even listen to his dad.” And when a sports film journalist posed a question, Weinstein asided that he loved Clint Eastwood’s baseball movie Trouble With The Curve but couldn’t resist adding, “I don’t like Clint’s politics, but I love his movies. I love him, he’s just a little misplaced right now. Maybe they should have called it ‘Trouble With The Chair’.” (more…)

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