Is Dish Network Trying To Short-Circuit The AMC Networks-VOOM Trial?

That’s what New York Supreme Court Judge Richard Lowe III and AMC Networks charged in court today according to Susquehanna Financial Group’s Thomas Claps. The judge became “extremely animated” and accused Dish of “blatant misconduct and attempts to delay” AMC’s $2.5B breach of contract suit, Claps reports. It seems that Dish yesterday appealed Lowe’s ruling requiring the satellite company to turn over documents that it considered privileged — but didn’t give the Appellate Division a copy of the documents, preventing it from reaching a quick decision. Claps says that Lowe characterized that as “further evidence of Dish’s ongoing, inappropriate conduct in this case” and accused the company of “attempting to ‘spin its wheels’ and delay the proceedings so that the current trial schedule could be jeopardized — and possibly result in a mistrial.” (Earlier the judge found that Dish inappropriately wiped out emails that might have supported AMC’s case.) (more…)

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