CBS Buys Multi-Ethnic Family Comedy Starring Comedian Maz Jobrani

EXCLUSIVE: CBS has put in development Nobody Trusts Maz, a multi-camera family comedy from veteran writer-producer Phoef Sutton (Cheers) starring Iranian American actor-comedian Maz Jobrani. The project, from CBS TV Studios and studio-based Tannenbaum Co., is described as a show about raising a family in modern day, multi-ethnic America. It centers on  Maz (Jobrani) and Jenny — a young couple living the American Dream with a house in the suburbs and two kids. The only thing is: Jenny is Irish-American and Maz is Persian-American. To them it’s no big deal but to her father and his mother it’s a very big deal. Maz’s Upper–Class Persian mother feels that he married beneath himself, while Jenny’s father feels that Maz must have al-Qaeda somewhere in his background. Nobody trusts anybody…until they get to know them. Sutton, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum executive produce. (more…)

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