EXCLUSIVE: Eli Roth Moving From Horror To “More Ambitious & Artistic” Projects

Director Eli Roth had the guts to get in touch with me the other day even though I’ve named him as Enemy No. 1 again and again in my campaign against torture porn in horror movies. Of course, I totally get that he’s looking for publicity timed to the October 23rd release of the unrated widescreen edition of his loathesome Hostel Part II DVD, especially after the film flopped at the box office during the summer. (In fact, just on October 8th, the pic was dissed during debate in the British House Of Commons for depicting “obscene, misogynistic acts of brutality against women”. And a proposed UK Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill could make it illegal to possess stills from Hostel Part II.) Nonetheless Roth told me he’s moving on from the horror genre, and I’m thrilled by this news:

“As far as violence goes, I think at this point I’ve pushed the boundaries of horror as far as I can, and it’s someone else’s turn to take over spilling blood and guts. I have new challenges and much more ambitious ideas that are not horror related that I’m working on, as well as other artistic endeavors outside of film. I love directors like Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, who pushed the boundaries of gore and horror in their early career, and then took that same energy and aesthetic and applied it to other genres. I’ll always love horror and I’m sure I’ll make more horror movies, but once you’ve spilled that much blood, you kind of have it out of your system and look for other ways to make audiences scream and cheer and vomit.”

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