Obama Vs Romney: Rate The TV Debate

UPDATE: The broadcast and cable network news shows are about to enter ratings heaven: because this 2012 presidential race should tighten up even more than they’ve been predicting. As far as who won and who lost tonight’s first debate, I felt it was a draw. Although the TV pundits seem in agreement that the more loquacious and aggressive Mitt Romney emerged the clear winner over the more taciturn and passive President Obama. (Even liberal MSNBC is condemning Obama for failing to show more fight…) Still unclear who was the overall loser after factchecking. That said, I thought Jim Lehrer lost control. (One Deadline commentator snarked, “Lehrer was the replacement ref of debate moderators.”) But at least he didn’t get in the way of the two candidates debating real substance instead of just the usual spin. (And Lehrer heard directly from Romney confirming he’ll eliminate federal funding for PBS.) As for entertainment value, however, this wonkfest was a snoozefest, without any of the expected zingers or drama. Your thoughts?

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