MPAA’s Chris Dodd Stresses Common Ground Between Tech Cos And Hollywood

MPAA chairman Chris Dodd focused on the common ground between the entertainment and tech industries today in a speech at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco. Following a heated battle with Google and other tech companies ahead of the collapse of anti-piracy bills this year, Dodd praised Google for recent steps it has taken to curb online piracy, the LA Times reports. “What I don’t want to do is relive the SOPA debate — and I hope you don’t either,” Dodd said, in a reference to the Stop Online Piracy Act that prompted an online protest by Google, Wikipedia, and others. “Issues surrounding piracy and how we protect the hard work of many thousands of American creators and makers in movies and television are important though, and worth talking about together without heated rhetoric and raised voices. And I accept my share of responsibility for some of that in the past”, he said.

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