Bradley Cooper, On Brink Of Stardom, Drops His Longtime Manager

thehangoverbradleycooperposterHow many times have we heard this story? Bradley Cooper, who, after a long career is poised on the brink of real stardom, has just dropped longtime manager Susan Calogerakis at Thruline Entertainment. She had been with him all through a career that began with films like Wet Hot American Summer and Carnival Knowledge, before Cooper graduated to headlining solid studio fare like The Hangover, the upcoming The A-Team, and a Hangover sequel that will pay him in the vicinity of $5 million against 4% of box office gross. So it’s a heartbreak to lose an actor who’d grown to become Thurline’s most prominent client. I’d heard he asked his manager to cut commissions and she refused. Neither Cooper nor Calogerakis cared to address the reasons for his departure.

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