Global Showbiz Briefs: UK Indie TV “Very Sick”, Current ‘SNL’ On Hulu Japan

UK Indie TV Production “A Very Sick Sector”
Independent TV producers in the UK are maximizing profits by staying safe. A new study suggests pressure to produce commercially successful TV and shy away from risk has resulted in a tripling of annual revenue to $1B in the last 10 years. The 2003 Communications Act gave show ownership rights to independent producers. As these companies seek to sell their content internationally, they’re competing with UK public service broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 4. So producers are moving away from “blue chip documentary” in favor of unscripted or reality entertainment. Increased pressure on production budgets has resulted in “a very sick sector” with production workers feeling the sting. According to one study interviewee, “Pay scales are down, working conditions are atrocious, exploitation is massive, training levels have fallen through the floor.” As the UK government reviews the 2003 Act, the report recommends that terms should not favor independent producers further. –Joe Utichi

Japan To Get ‘SNL’ On Hulu A Few Hours After U.S.
Hulu Japan has signed a content deal with Broadway Video Entertainment to receive the most current season of Saturday Night Live in Japan. SNL just launched its 38th season on September 15th and the debut episode became exclusively on Hulu Japan a few hours later the next day. Each SNL episode will be available in English initially, with Japanese subtitles to be made available a few days later. Hulu Japan premiun content includes Japanese films, anime, dramas, Hollywood films and TV drama series, and other foreign films and TV shows.

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