TLC Admits 'Breaking Amish' Bends Truth

TLC’s new reality show Breaking Amish is not quite what it appears to be, and now the network is admitting it. “There is a lot of information floating around about the group featured on Breaking Amish. Much of it is not true, but some of it is — and is addressed in upcoming episodes,” TLC said today. The show, which chronicles five adults ages 20-32 as they leave behind their isolated community for electricity, jeans and New York City, premiered to 3.1 million viewers September 9, making it the highest-rated debut in two years for the network in total viewers and in the 25-54 demo. But according to a 2011 photo posted online, two of the show’s stars have not only been to a big city before, they’ve also worn modern clothes before, were a couple before the show began and seem to have a baby. Claims of staging and other sleights of hand have long been common in the TV reality world, but the photo brings up just one of a number of questions surrounding the authenticity of the series, which producer Hot Snakes Media has claimed provides a “first time” look at its cast’s experience with modern life. Stay tuned.

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