Dish-AMC Trial Delayed To Monday As Judge Urges Companies To Talk

It seems there were only 16 prospective jurors available today, not enough to begin the selection process, Susquehanna Financial Group’s Thomas Claps reports. So New York Supreme Court Judge Richard Lowe III apologized, and put AMC Networks‘ $2.5B breach of contract suit against Dish Network on hold until Monday. But before adjourning he “encouraged the parties to engage in discussions,” Claps says. That could be important for those among Dish’s 14.1M subscribers who want to watch AMC’s series The Walking Dead when it returns for its third season October 14.

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Dish dropped AMC’s channels in June and they likely won’t return to the the No. 2 satellite company unless there’s a deal. If the trial proceeds, then jurors will see a parade of media moguls including Chuck and Jim Dolan, AMC chief Josh Sapan, and Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen explain whether Dish had a right in 2008 to terminate its 15-year deal to air the Voom Networks suite of HD channels. The defunct channels, formerly owned by Cablevision, were packaged with AMC when the cable company spun off the network operation this year.

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