Conchords Star Goes Home For Comedy

Rhys Darby as MurrayRhys Darby, to my mind the funniest thing in HBO’s The Flight of the Choncords, has returned home to film comedy Love Birds. This New Zealand/UK co-production will film in Auckland until mid-May. Darby, who co-stars as hapless band manager Murray Hewitt in the HBO comedy, plays another lonely guy in Love Birds. This time he plays somebody nursing a wild bird back to health after his girlfriend dumps him. Then he meets a kooky vet, played by Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins (Happy Go Lucky). (Say, this sounds awfully like The Accidental Tourist, doesn’t it?) Icon’s selling it and the other financiers include Silver Reel and the New Zealand Film Commission. New Zealand director Paul Murphy is collaborating again with screenwriter Nick Ward. This also marks the third film that UK producer Alan Harris has worked with Matthew Metcalfe down under. The pair previously made Dean Spanley together, starring Peter O’Toole. Imagine that.

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