Business Briefs: Bloomberg TV Vs. Comcast, Apple Vs. Samsung, Google Fiber

Bloomberg TV Asks FCC To Force Comcast Channel Placement
Bloomberg TV petitioned the FCC on Friday to force Comcast to immediately place the independent business news channel in the close numerical proximity to similar news services in 59 additional markets. The FCC back in May agreed with Bloomberg that Comcast needed to move its news channel into “news neighborhoods” to comply with a key condition of the NBCU takeover. That condition was meant to prevent Comcast from favoring its own news nets, such as MSNBC or CNBC, over independents. The FCC on August 14 stayed the order in some markets, and Bloomberg contends the stay allows Comcast to disregard the terms of the overall “neighborhooding” order.

Apple Didn’t Violate Samsung Patents, Trade Commission Judge Says
Apple did not violate four patents owned by Samsung Electronics in making the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, a judge at the International Trade Commission said in a preliminary ruling on Friday. Apple and Samsumg have been embroiled in patent disputes in 10 countries. Apple won a landmark victory last month after a U.S. jury found the South Korean firm had copied key features of the iPhone and awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages. Friday’s decision will be reviewed by the full commission in January.

Google Fiber Makes More Deals For Content Ahead Of K.C. Launch
Google Fiber has signed a deal to add Turner Broadcasting’s CNN, TBS, TNT and 10 other networks to its IPTV service in Kansas City. Google promises 1 gigabit per second broadband service with no usage limits and has made separate deals with other content providers including Disney/ESPN Media Networks for 15 networks, including ESPN, Disney Channel and ABC Family, as well as Ovation, TBN and Discovery Communications’ Velocity. First customers to be hooked up will be on the Kansas side of the Missouri River where Google plans to hook up its first customer within the next few weeks. Most residents will have to wait at least a year, but Google said it will hook up 180 of the 202 neighborhoods targeted in its initial fiber-to-the-home buildout. Construction on 28% of those is slated for summer 2013 and 53% for next fall at the earliest. The Google Fiber service is $70 per month for broadband only with a one-year contract and $120 per month as part of a broadband/TV bundle with a two-year contract.

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