Dish Network Enlists Glenn Beck And Eliot Spitzer To Debate Political Views

It doesn’t look like Dish Network is using Charlie Rose, C-SPAN, or Firing Line as models for the program it will air on October 2, the night before the first presidential debate. The satellite company calls its special with Glenn Beck and former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer The War Of The Words. And it introduced the event at a press conference today by inviting boxing MC Michael Buffer to stand in the middle of a mock ring and to deliver  his  catchphrase — “Let’s get ready to rumble!” — as he brought out what he called the “heavyweights on the right and the left.” They’ll square off in front of a live audience for the broadcast, which will be offered on Dish’s channel 102 and streamed online at It will promote Dish’s pickup yesterday of Beck’s TheBlaze online video content as well as Current TV, where the Spitzer hosts a weeknight talk show: Viewpoint With Eliot Spitzer. Dish CEO Joseph Clayton says that his company “offers more political programming than anyone else.” TheBlaze is included DISH’s America’s Top 250 package; Current TV is included in America’s Top 200 package. Both also can be purchased a la carte for $5 a month starting later this month.

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