Apple Cheat Sheet: What To Look For Tomorrow

Apple CEO Tim Cook may find it hard to wow tech fans at his long awaited event tomorrow (10:00 AM PT) considering  how much they already know — or at least seem to know — about the expected unveiling of the iPhone 5. Our sister site, BGR, reports that the phone likely will be slightly thinner and taller than previous models. It will have a four-inch display (up from 3.5 inches), access to 4G LTE networks, 1 Gb of RAM, a more powerful processor, and a new proprietary mini dock connector. Others also expect to see Apple ditch Google Maps and load its own map feature with turn-by-turn navigation, and built-in apps for Facebook and Yelp. Apple likely will promote the entertainment capabilities of the device. The larger screen should continue to have 326 pixels per inch, bringing it to 1,136 by 640 from 960 by 640 pixels. That could “revive the market for on-demand mobile TV and video,” says Ian Fogg, who’s senior principal analyst for mobile at IHS. (more…)

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