Pirates of Caribbean 2 Tracking Titanic

I’m told the latest tracking for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (aka Dead Man’s Chest) “is as big as any film in history.” Either there’s a gross error, or the Magic Kingdom has Titanic on its hands opening wide July 7th. Seriously, could it beat that box office wonder? Well, Pirates 1 earned $654 mil globally, so it’s not impossible. The buzz on P2 even before the summer started was that this was the one to beat. Because it hits the kiddie / teen / adult trifecta in terms of audience appeal. At this time when it’s rare for a film to sustain box office even two weeks out, P1 kept racking up $$$ because teen girls went gaga and kept seeing the movie over and over again for Orlando Bloom just like they did for Leo in Titanic. Bloom is smartly recast in P2. Though it was Depp who gave the bravura performance. Add Keira Knightley for some male eye candy, and the tracking makes sense. Indeed, the agencies’ motion picture meetings today were all abuzz about the tracking phenom of Pirates 2. I never thought I’d ever see iconoclastic Johnny Depp become one of the biggest box office stars in Hollywood. Just shows what long hair, eye makeup and nice jewelry can do for a guy.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2006/06/pirates-of-the-caribbean-2-tracking-monster-332/