Venice: 'To The Wonder' Producer Says “No Question” Olga Kurylenko “Is The Lead”

As is typical with a Terrence Malick film, there was a lot of mystery surrounding To The Wonder ahead of its Venice debut this morning. The recent confirmation of who made the director’s final cut was followed by today’s revelation that Olga Kurylenko plays the film’s central character. But it’s Ben Affleck, with only a handful of lines in the finished film, and Rachel McAdams, ultimately in a small role, who feature in the only photo from the film that’s been in circulation for months. Asked at the pic’s press conference why that was and how she felt about it, Kurylenko deferred to the producers, “I’m just as curious as you,” she said. Producer Sarah Green jumped in to say the still was released after some early footage was shot. “We have been advised to stand by,” on publicity materials until distribution is in place, she said. “It’s obviously no question that Olga is the lead.”

As expected, Malick was not in Venice today for the premiere. “He’s buried in work,” said Green. The film left the Lido divided this morning and reviews that have trickled out thus far are respectful, if not glowing. Green asserted Malick doesn’t read reviews, “He just works.” Kurylenko also provided some commentary on Malick’s method. Her character spends most of the movie in constant movement – twirling is big as I said earlier today. When asked about it, she said, “Often (Malick) told the actors: ‘Throw away the words, don’t speak them, think them.’ He’s persuaded silence is much stronger.” She contends the two had a sort of “telepathy,” adding, “He didn’t really need to speak to me, I understand him so well. He feels people… I think he’s psychic.”

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