No 'Kid Nation' Screeners For CBS Board

So CBS’ despicable child exploitation series masquerading as a reality show Kid Nation premieres tomorrow. Many of the network’s biggest advertisers have passed on it. Newspaper editorials have condemned it. Children were hurt making it. Les Moonves manipulated his board of directors because of it. Speaking of that board, much has been made of the fact that CBS refused to send out advance screeners to TV critics. But I’ve learned that the network has not even given its board of directors an opportunity to see the series in advance. Instead, the directors will wind up watching the show along with the rest of the nation. The board doesn’t even get the courtesy of the screenings which CBS has set up at a few elementary schools in major TV markets like Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and Denver. So I have to ask: on what planet is this considered adequate corporate governance, especially since Kid Nation has taken on the dimensions of a national scandal? I’ve also discovered that the board was told only about those injuries to Kid Nation children which the media first revealed. So no full accounting of every doctor or nurse or hospital visit by the kids, or description of their injuries, was ever provided by CBS to its directors despite requests. Shameful. For more background and detail, read my previous: Moonves Should Pull the Plug on Kid Nation

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