Venice: Zac Efron Draws Crowds To The Lido

Clouds rolled into Venice on Friday, but that didn’t stop the crowds from finally turning up. After a few sluggish days in sky-high temperatures and a sort of meh attitude towards the films, the Lido was awash in fans lining up outside the Sala Grande for a glimpse of Zac Efron, here for competition pic At Any Price. Sony Pictures Classics recently acquired Ramin Bahrani’s father-son drama set against the backdrop of agricultural farming and auto racing in the U.S. Midwest. Efron (wearing socks which appeared to have the word “Monday” sewn in – today’s Friday, right?) spoke about his recent project choices saying he’s “at a crossroads” and trying to take the path less traveled. He turned up in Cannes this year for Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy and with Bahrani – the NY-based Man Push Cart director who’s never worked with known actors before – he’s continuing to try to distance himself from a teen idol image. Still, he’ll next go the romcom route with just-announced Are We Officially Dating? from a script that made the 2010 Black List and he said he’s also got Universal’s Townies coming up with Seth Rogen.

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