Nick's 'How To Rock' Cancelled After One Season

Nickelodeon’s housecleaning continues. Two weeks after the kids cable network cancelled comedy series Victorious after three seasons, it has done the same with freshman How To Rock. This means that three live-action Nick series will end their run this fall, Victorious, How To Rock and iCarly. Like with Victorious, the news of How To Rock‘s demise was delivered by the series’ showrunner on his blog. In a post titled How To Rock The Future, How To Rock executive producer David Israel said that Nickelodeon had opted not to pick up a second season of the show and thanked the show’s cast, crew and fans. The move also follows Nick ordering a slew of new live-action and animated series and pilots, including two iCarly spinoffs, earlier this month as the network appears to be overhauling its lineup amidst a ratings slump.

Created by Jim O’Doherty based on the book How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston, How To Rock stars Master P’s daughter Cymphonique Miller. The series got off to a solid start in February with 3.3 million total viewers tuning to the premiere, which won its time period across all TV with kids 6-11, tweens 9-14 and kids 2-11. The series remained a strong tween draw throughout the spring, and  its second episode, How to Rock a Messy Bet, hit #1 for kids TV shows on iTunes. The series recently slipped in the ratings, but its total viewership has stayed above 2 million. Of the 26-episode first season of How To Rock, 17 episodes have aired. The next original airs Sept. 22, with the Christmas-themed season/series series airing Dec. 8. Here is Israel’s post:

How To Rock The Future

Hey, HTR Fans.

David Israel here.  How to Rock’s showrunner and Executive Producer.

There have been rumors swirling around about the future of How To Rock so I thought it time to set the record straight. Nickelodeon has decided, unfortunately, not to give How To Rock a second season.  I know this news will be very disappointing for many of you.  Believe me, it’s disappointing for me, too.

Why isn’t the show coming back?  There’s no one simple answer.  Nickelodeon is going through a transition right now.  You already know that iCarly and Victorious are not coming back. Nickelodeon has many new shows in production and development that they believe will better suit their audience.  While I don’t love their decision, I have no choice other than to accept it. (more…)

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