Chris Hemsworth Leaves IFA Talent: Won’t Take New Agency Meetings For Months

By Nikki Finke, Mike Fleming Jr

He is Hollywood’s hottest new action movie star, so there’ll be a feeding frenzy when Chris Hemsworth decides to take new agency meetings. “He is not taking meetings for now but maybe in a few months,” an insider tells us. Hemsworth is the star of Thor, Snow White And The Huntsman and its expected sequel or spinoff, The Avengers, the upcoming Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse, and of course Marvel’s upcoming Thor 2 and The Avengers 2. He had been with IFA talent president Ilene Feldman for about 4 years. The actor is staying with ROAR Management’s William Ward who discovered him about 5 years ago. But we hear the problems with Feldman developed first around the negotiations for Thor 2 and intensified around the time Spielberg decided to cast him as the lead in his scifi epic Robopocalypse in mid-July. “They had a fallout over several things. She just played everything wrong,” a source tells us. “They just were not on the same page for the last month or two. But the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Ilene.” One of the key jobs for his new agency is raising Hemsworth’s salary: Marvel pays very little, and Hemsworth received $5M for the Huntsman role. Really hard to predict where Hemsworth is ultimately headed. His brother Liam is repped by Ward and WME. Ward’s wife Louise Ward is a UTA agent repping Channing Tatum. And CAA now represents a lot of Marvel’s top talent including almost all The Avengers stars and will no longer be hamstrung by its no-poaching agreement with Feldman. Stay tuned.

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