Fox Asks Court To Bar Dish DVR Ad-Zapper

Fox Broadcasting has asked for a preliminary federal injunction against Dish Network‘s Primetime Antime DVR service with AutoHop commercial skipping feature. Fox filed a request (read it here) with the federal court for the Central District of California to block Dish “from further infringement of Fox’s copyrighted television programs identified in the Complaint in this action and from further breaches of Dish’s retransmission consent agreements with Fox.” The court has set a hearing on Fox’s request for September 21. In what Fox and the other networks in the dispute consider proof that the primary purpose of the Primetime Anytime and AutoHop is copyright infringement, Dish earlier this week modified its own litigation and the device’s software to emphasize “optional” recording and commercial-skipping instead the original wording “automatic.” In addition to Fox the other broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC are fighting Dish in court on multiple fronts. Dish’s view is that the satcaster and its customers already pay for the right to watch the networks’ programming with or without commercials.

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