Weinstein Case Against Kevin Williamson To Proceed After Judge Overrules Dismissal

Hollywood litigator Bert Fields today announced what he called “a key ruling” in the case of The Weinstein Company vs. Kevin Williamson filed last April. He said California Superior Court Judge Mary Ann Murphy of the California Superior Court has overruled Williamson’s attempt to have the Weinstein case dismissed. Williamson asked the Court to throw out The Weinstein Company’s case on the grounds that it is preempted by the Copyright Act and fails to satisfy those requirements. In a comprehensive opinion read from the bench, Judge Murphy rejected Williamson’s arguments. Not surprisingly, Fields, who argued the case for the Weinsteins, described Judge Murphy’s ruling as “thorough, well-reasoned and on the money”. He said the case as to who owns the sought-after Williamson project Shadows can now proceed to trial and expressed confidence that the Weinsteins will win.

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The Weinstein Company filed suit against Kevin Williamson and his Outer Banks Entertainment claiming it had reached a settlement with Williamson paying him in exchange for releasing claims they had against each other in the disagreement over Williamson’s contractual obligations to TWC for writing and producing Scream 4. TWC contends the company paid Williamson for control of Scream 4 and other movie projects including Shadows. But Williamson, in addition to the money already paid, claims that he remains exclusive owner of Shadows. TWC is seeking exclusive rights to exploit Shadows, as well as court costs and any other relief the court deems just and proper. You can read the suit here.

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