Barry Diller Sues Alki David Over BarryDriller

Barry Diller is taking BarryDriller to court. In a 12-page complaint filed against Alki David and Tuesday in Los Angeles federal court (read it here) the media mogul alleges David is using his name to profit with “Defendants are using Plaintiff’s name in their ‘’ business to (1) associate their service with Plaintiff, and (2) mislead the public into believing that Defendants’ service has been judicially sanctioned”, the complaint reads. Diller also alleges that David’s is designed to divert customers from Diller’s Aereo service that streams local broadcast signals to subscribers in New York. Both companies say that they are simply feeding consumers programming that they can already receive for free. (Broadcasters also are suing Aereo for copyright infringement.) This isn’t David’s only court battle. Fox was the first to sue David over, then CBS, NBC and ABC followed with a joint copyright infringement claim. Diller is seeking injunctive relief and punitive damages. He is represented by Robert Platt at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.

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