Chuck Lorre To Re-Up With Warner Bros. TV

A decade ago, Chuck Lorre was in the final year of a pricey overall deal with Warner Bros. TV that had yielded no series, raising questions about his future at the studio. Then, at the very end of his pact, he co-created Two And A Half Men. No questions this time around. Lorre, who is behind three Warner Bros. TV comedies that have been sold in syndication, Two And A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly, is finalizing another rich overall deal with Warner Bros. TV. Its length, four years, is a term reserved only for the studio’s top writer-producers, like J.J. Abrams and Greg Berlanti. The new pact, first reported by Variety, also includes a feature component with Warner Bros. TV’s sibling movie studio. It marks Lorre’s first foray into features.

WBTV stuck by Lorre in the PR-turned-legal war with former Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen who lobbed public insults at Lorre last spring and then sued him and the studio over his termination from the hit comedy. The case was eventually settled, and Lorre rebooted the veteran comedy with a new lead, Ashton Kutcher.

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