Netflix Hits 1 Million Member Mark In UK, Ireland

Netflix says it has hit the 1 million member milestone in the UK and Ireland within seven months, faster than in any other territory it has launched. To put that in perspective, that’s four times faster than it took Twitter to hit one million users globally and nearly twice as fast as it took Facebook and Foursquare globally, the company said in a news release. “This membership milestone is evidence that Netflix has rapidly gained popularity in the UK and Ireland,” said Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings. Netflix is available on over 800 devices. Brits spend £565.21 a year on new electronic gear, according to YouGov, meaning that it is likely that any given household has at least one device that can stream TV shows and films from Netflix. What do UK and Irish Netflix members like to watch? Comedy and drama are the top genre choices, according to the company.

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