Pad-O-Moguls, Hollywood Halfway House

So you’re a mogul, and you and the wife have split. She stays in the big Brentwood or Beverly Hills home with the kids. You could bunk at the Malibu manse but that’s an awfully long commute from Broad Beach or Point Dume. So if you’re Paramount boss Brad Grey, United Talent Agency chairman Jim Berkus, actor / writer Larry David, music producer David Foster, and manager / producer on hiatus Brian Medavoy, you move into Santa Monica’s Pad-O-Moguls, better known as The Hollywood Halfway House. That white building on Ocean Avenue right near Wilshire Blvd — I’m withholding the exact address — is an apartment house specializing in short-term rentals. Short-term because these guys are recently separated or divorced and have put off buying a new house. “It’s just a bunch of rich guys walking around a very expensive, well-run place right on the ocean,” one of them tells me. “We don’t hang out. I wish I could say we even do a lot of business together, but I don’t see a lot of them. I go in and up the elevator straight to my apartment.” There aren’t wild and crazy parties even though NBC Universal Entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman, who’s famously single, also lives there. “I must not live next door to Ben. I don’t hear the water gurgling from his bong,” one of them told me. Meanwhile, I’m told that when Larry David moved in after splitting with his environmental activist wife Laurie, “he went to all the rooms and turned on all the lights.”

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