OFFICIAL! Summer 2007 Smashes Record

Because of (or in spite of) all those blockbusters and threequels, Summer 2007 today crossed the $4 billion mark, setting a new record for total domestic gross receipts. Media By Numbers which has been keeping a running tally on summer-to-date statistics just told me that the period May 1 through today has made $4.003 billion. That’s way past 2006’s $3.633 billion, with revenue up 10.18% and attendance up 5.35%. But it surpasses even 2004’s record of $3.95 billion reached by Labor Day (that summer-to-date figure is only $3.810 billion). This is the first $4 billion summer ever. By September 3rd, attendance will be over 600 million tickets for the first time in two years, but that’s still short of 2002’s 650 million tickets sold. True, not all the big tentpoles worked for critics, some sequels sank, pics faded faster than expected, and these numbers aren’t adjusted for ticket prices or inflation. For instance, average ticket prices in 2004 was $6.21 versus $6.85 in 2007. (Which is why Hollywood box office figures are starting to resemble baseball statistics with lots of asterisks after every record set…) But there were so many blockbusters crowded in weekend after weekend that Summer 2007 was able to break the record before even reaching September 3rd. Here are the Top 10 Summer Movies so far:

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