EMMYS: Chuck Lorre And Bill Prady On 'Big Bang Theory'

Adam Buckman is an AwardsLine contributor

This was the season The Big Bang Theory became ubiquitous. Perched at the top of the primetime ratings, its reruns became omnipresent on TBS and local TV stations, which together air as many as 24 episodes of the show every week. Yet the show’s ascendance to the summit of the pop-culture mountain has not altered the routines of those who work on the hit CBS show.

“That has nothing to do with what you do every day, just to try and find a good story and execute it”, cocreator and executive producer Chuck Lorre says mildly, making the achievement seem ordinary.

“There’s actually a cognitive disconnect between the impact that the show has culturally, on television, and all that stuff, and your day-to-day experience”, adds cocreator and executive producer, Bill Prady. “You drive to a lot, you go to an office, you procrastinate a little bit, you go sit in a room with writers, you do your best to write an entertaining show about the characters you have in front of you, you (do) run-throughs, you do rewrites, you shoot in front of an audience–and none of that changes”. (more…)

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