NBC Scrapped Planned 'Revolution' Preview Last Night, Will Sneak Drama Monday Night

UPDATE MONDAY: NBC announced that the 2:40 preview for Revolution will air during a commercial pod between 10:45-11:15 PM prior to the Women’s gymnastics uneven bar coverage.

PREVIOUS: Fans who stayed up last night to watch the announced “six-minute tease” of new fall drama Revolution did not get to see it as NBC opted not to air the preview. Two weeks ago, NBC said the tease for the futuristic drama from Eric Kripke and JJ Abrams would air “at approximately 10:54 p.m. (ET) following the swimming competition that is expected to feature U.S. gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps.” An inside source at NBC noted that scheduling of on-air promos is flexible during such events as The Olympics where few things are predictable. For instance, Phelps’ historic final Olympic race actually aired earlier in NBC’s primetime block.

Instead of airing the six-minute tease after the end of last night’s NBC’s nighttime Olympics coverage, the network has opted to air an “extended Revolution preview” (2:40 in length) inside the games tomorrow, Monday night, when the network’s brass expect to get a much bigger audience. In addition to moving the promo from following the Olympics coverage to airing right in the smack of it, NBC also is shifting the Revolution preview from the least-trafficked night of the week, Saturday, to one of the most viewed, Monday. Indeed, despite Phelps’ heroics, last night’s NBC primetime block drew 28 million viewers, the lowest so far these Olympics.

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