EMMYS: Vince Gilligan And Bryan Cranston On 'Breaking Bad'

Ray Richmond is an AwardsLine contributor

It began with the simple pitch “Mr. Chips evolves into Scarface,” but the man doing the pitching — Vince Gilligan — never thought that Breaking Bad would ever see the light of day, much less a supersized, two-part, 16-episode fifth season and 13 Emmy nominations.

“I still pinch myself that it’s even on the air,” Gilligan admits. “I feel like I’m just extraordinarily lucky, much as a lottery winner is lucky.”

You hear the word “lucky” a lot when talking with showrunner Gilligan as well as the cast of the mega-intense AMC drama whose fan base is not so much huge as it is profoundly devoted. People don’t watch the show, they live it. And even as Breaking Bad prepares to depart this mortal coil with a final eight installments that head into production this November for air in summer 2013, the zealous multitudes (Badheads?) already are beginning to feel severe pangs of coming withdrawal. (more…)

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