Ethel Kennedy On Family Life, Faith And That Taylor Swift Rumor: TCA

Diane Haithman contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

The HBO documentary Ethel, on the life of Ethel Kennedy and directed/produced by daughter Rory Kennedy, premiered at Sundance in January. At that time, documentarian Rory Kennedy spoke at length with Deadline about the project. At today’s TCA, Rory and Ethel appeared together on a panel on the 100-minute documentary, which premieres October. 18. On the Ethel panel, Rory did most of the talking, much of it on the subject of persuading her reticent mom to get on board with the project.

But perhaps through making the documentary, Ethel Kennedy, 84, has apparently gotten a little more used to talking about herself: At the panel, she offered revealing comments about her family life, raising children and her commitment to humanitarian causes. (more…)

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