No Fury Like Live Olympics Viewers Scorned

Check Out @NBCDelayed And #NBCFail

Ryan Lochte could cure cancer during a race & NBC would air it 6 hours later with the cure portion removed for a Seacrest interview #NBCFail

@NBC Delayed: BREAKING: Roman Emperor Theodosius bans Olympic Games, NBC delay to catch up shortly.

They broadcast the British Open golf live! But insanely beautiful swimming finals….nope! #NBCfail doesn’t think it’s worth the trouble.

@NBC Delayed: BREAKING: Orville and Wilbur Wright’s machine flies.

Good thing I just read the olympic swimming results…now I don’t have to give @nbc any ratings tonight. #NBCFail

@NBC Delayed: BREAKING: Muhammad Ali wins boxing Light Heavyweight gold medal in Rome

An Olympics without Ryan Seacrest is like a day without diarrhea. #NBCfail

@NBC Delayed: ON NBC NOW: Carl Lewis will, in likely his last Olympics, attempt to break the long jump world record and win gold

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