Shame On Mike Ovitz…

UPDATES Mike Ovitz Explains: “Nobody Called Me”

Today was the memorial service for Mike Rosenfeld Sr, the William Morris agent who became one of the five founders of Creative Artists Agency and then moved to Sonoma County before passing away on March 25th. All of the other original partners were there given the advance notice: Ron Meyer, Bill Haber, and Roland Perkins. But Mike Ovitz was a no-show. *2ND UPDATE: He told people he was out of town, supposedly the Caribbean, when Rosenfeld died. But he was in Los Angeles the day of the memorial service.* (He also didn’t attend longtime CAA consigliare Ray Kurtzman’s funeral back in 2007.) Rosenfeld Sr died after a long illness. He was 75. No doubt you know one of his 4 children, Michael Rosenfeld Jr, who’s a senior agent at CAA.

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