Google Outlines 1Gig Internet, TV Service Planned For Kansas City

Google has disclosed details of a planned 1 gigabit per second Internet service in the Kansas City area to go with an IPTV service with 161 channels, reports. Google plans to charge $70 a month for the standalone fiber-optic delivered Internet connection or $120 per month for TV plus 1-Gig service with a two-year contract. Users also have the option to get 5 Mbps downstream Internet access for no monthly charge for at least seven years — if they pay a one-time $300 “construction fee” or pay $25 per month for 12 months. The initial channel lineup listing however does not appear to include HBO, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News Channel, TNT, TBS and AMC. Google Fiber isn’t actually available yet and initial hookups will require that 10% of a neighborhood’s households will need to sign up to be in the first wave of customers. The Internet service will have no caps and no overage charges and will provide 1 Gbps both downstream and upstream. The Google Fiber TV service includes a 2-Terabyte DVR and the ability to record up to eight shows at once. The TV service also will be available on Android and iOS devices, and will include a voice-enabled search function. Google also will throw in an Android tablet for use as a remote.

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