Lawsuit Filed Over Stuntman's Death During 'Expendables 2'

The parents of a stuntman killed last year in an explosion on a 2nd unit location for The Expendables 2 in Bulgaria have filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against NuImage, Millennium Films and individuals associated with the production. The lawsuit filed today alleges negligence in the death of Kun Liu, son of plaintiffs Zong Yu Liu and Yan Mei Bai. Liu was killed in the blast at Lake Ognyanovo about 15 miles outside Sofia. Another stuntman, Nuo Sun, was seriously injured in the accident. The lawsuit says the explosion occurred October 27, 2011 on or near a “rubber boat” during filming of a stunt for the movie. Liu’s parents are seeking general and economic damages to be determined in a jury trial plus funeral and burial expenses and court costs.

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