IMAX Says Overseas Audiences Propelling Strong 'Dark Knight' Sales

The company’s “thoughts and prayers” are with the victims of the Aurora shooting, CEO Richard Gelfond told analysts this morning. But while the tragedy could make domestic IMAX attendance for The Dark Knight Rises “a little flatter than we thought,” it shouldn’t prevent the film from being a solid success — especially abroad. The company reports that its theaters showing the Warner Bros film are at capacity “virtually everywhere.” The Batman film is generating $57,000 per screen domestically — and $75,000 overseas. That has amounted to as much as $4M a day during the week. The film includes more than 70 minutes of footage shot with IMAX cameras. “We believe that the success of this film will drive longer term benefits to our business like continued theater signings momentum and interest in IMAX differentiation among filmmakers,” Gelfond says. IMAX has the right to show Dark Knight for eight weeks, but has some flexibility to keep it longer — or swap it out if the sales don’t hold up. The company said today that it plans to show Sony’s Total Recall: The Imax Experience and Universal’s The Bourne Legacy: The IMAX Experience in some international markets beginning in August. IMAX shares are down about 3.8% in early trading following the release of its Q2 earnings.

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