Speed Trap? Comcast Offers Up $300-A-Month Internet Service

Comcast was careful to hide the price of its new Xfinity Platnum Internet service — which offers download speeds of up to 305 Mbps and upload speeds of 65 Mbps — in its press release today. But the company does boast that with the launch of its $299.95-a-month service it “continues to be a leader when it comes to delivering the fastest broadband speeds in the U.S.” Bloomberg reports the price point for speeds that eclipse the 300 Mbps service at rival Verizon’s FiOS, which offers that deal via a two-year contract at $204.99 a month. They both cater to households with massive usage on multiple devices, a segment the companies obviously believe will grow well beyond simply early adapters who are wired in 24/7. The new Xfinity offerings — it also announced free speed boosts for two of its existing tiers — will roll out first in select markets including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and New Jersey. Customers also will get 24/7 tech support, a wireless gateway for WiFi connections, a dedicated Personal Communications consultant, and online protection services.

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