Showtime, USA, CLOO Pulling Violent Programming After Colorado Shooting; TNT Still Airing 'The Dark Knight'

The shooting in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises has caused some broadcasters to drop some programming with violent content this weekend. “With a sensitivity to current events, Showtime has replaced several movies in their schedule for the weekend,” a Showtime spokesperson said. Showtime declined to give specifics about what would be replaced. However, the network does have films like Nicholas Cage’s extremely violent Drive Angry, the Paul McCartney documentary The Love We Make about 9/11, the terrorism drama Five Fingers, the vampiric Bitten, Kenneth Branagh’s Dead Again, the 2003 The Italian Job remake, the 2008 Brian Cox violent drama Red and Ralph Fiennes’ The Constant Gardener, where a man investigates the death of his wife, on the schedule to play this weekend.

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NBCUniversal is pulling an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit tonight on USA Network. It’s also pulling an episode of The Unit, dealing with a hostage taking and shooting, set to run Sunday on CLOO. TNT actually has 2008’s The Dark Knight, the previous Batman movie, on its schedule both tonight and Saturday. A network spokesperson told Deadline that they presently plan to air the movie as originally scheduled. (UPDATE: FX also plans to air the first movie in the trilogy, 2005’s Batman Begins, as scheduled tonight and Sunday night.)

CBS had already announced a special edition of 48 Hours from Colorado this evening, replacing the previously scheduled Undercover Boss. ABC and NBC had 20/20 and Dateline on their primetime schedules already but now both are broadcasting from Aurora. Other schedule changes could come as broadcast and cable networks further evaluate their programming in lieu of the events in Colorado this weekend.

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