Networks, Not Warner Bros, Pulled 'The Dark Knight Rises' TV Ads

The pulling of The Dark Knight Rises TV spots after the shooting in Aurora, Colo, came from the networks first — not Warner Bros. “The networks decided the ads should be pulled this morning due to sensitivity concerns during their news coverage and WB agreed after the fact,” a studio insider says. All the networks turned over their Friday morning shows to reports of the shooting at the midnight screening of the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. “NBC pulled the ads this morning and then later heard from Warners’ agency not to run them,” a source close to the network told Deadline. It was deemed inappropriate, the source added, to be covering the tragedy and showing ads and scenes from the Batman film in the same broadcast.

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ABC, NBC and CBS plan to have their newsmagazine shows broadcasting from Aurora on Friday evening. CBS declined comment on the pulling of Dark Knight Rises ads on its network, but no TV spots will be running there this weekend. ABC had no information about the ads being pulled or not. In at least one instance, a network was contacted by Warner Bros: A Fox executive said the Dark Knight Rises ads were pulled in conjunction with a request from the studio.

The ads, which were to run during the film’s opening weekend, will now run at a later date on the networks. No details were available as to when that will be.

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