Has News Corp Put 'The Daily' On Probation?

Last summer, Glee star Jane Lynch appeared at a tech conference held by the Wall Street Journal‘s All Things Digital. Acting as “temporary head honcho of News Corp,” she described changes she’d be implementing at the company. The first was closing iPad publication The Daily. “Never heard of it, never seen it, so clearly I’ll be shutting that down,” she said. The powers that be may now be taking her advice. The fate of the tablet publication that is said to have losses of about $30M per year, is being weighed by News Corp according to The New York Times and The New York Observer. The Daily was launched with much fanfare in early 2011 after being designed with help from the late Steve Jobs. Although it said in February that it had 100,000 paying subscribers and 250,000 unique readers a month, it has not exactly redefined the news as touted at its introduction. According to The Observer, the status of The Daily will be assessed after the presidential election in November.

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