Comic-Con: Jackie Chan On 'CZ12' And A Lifetime Of “Hurting”

Luke Y. Thompson is contributing to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con.

During a funny, self-deprecating Comic-Con panel, Jackie Chan advised a crowd who gave him a standing ovation not to hurt themselves like he has. His latest movie is CZ12, a.k.a. Chinese Zodiac, coming out in December, regular and IMAX. He said he thinks getting all the old friends together for a movie like The Expendables seems fun, and was contacted about the sequel but was too busy making Chinese Zodiac.

Comic-ConModerater Drew McWeeny of described this as a throwback to his older films like Armor of God. But Chan said “For me nothing’s changed. Just hurting, hurting, hurting…” It does look like a throwback, alas in some not so good ways – the clip showed looked like cheap sets not very well shot, but with some great Chan fights and wall-climbing.

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“I’m a good thief” Chan noted but said “no American director will hire me to do like a Spider-Man, Batman … and I don’t know how to make these kind of films! The only thing I know how to do is risk my life.” Described himself as stupid for risking his life, but says he knows we’ll like it. He advised younger actors to use special effects and not do what he does.

Lots of fans geeked out, telling Chan he was an inspiration. He mentioned how he started martial arts at age 6 1/2, when bones are more flexible. He thinks it’s too late if you’re 20, and that people today have too many distractions and wastes of time. He advised starting kids at 6 and 7.

The trailer was shown a second time – and we were told to rewatch the last three shots closely. But then out comes a Parisian actor – Chan’s teacher for the movie, apparently, in a weird gold chrome suit covered in skate wheels – think Iron Man meets one of the wheelers from Return To Oz. Very weird, but the guy had some smooth moves, which he demonstrated onstage. Chan had seen the suit in a magazine, and wanted to use it in the film.

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