Comic-Con: Thomas Tull Blows Off Legendary Comics Panel

Sources tell Deadline that the Legendary Entertainment CEO won’t be attending his own Legendary Comics panel today in San Diego. Instead Tull is attending the Allen and Co’s investment conference in Sun Valley, as one of the new moguls invited. Tull is still scheduled to attend Warner Bros’ Saturday panel at Comic-Con featuring Man Of Steel and Pacific Rim which his Legendary Pictures helped finance. Tull was supposed to appear with Matt Wagner, Max Brooks, Mark Waid, Shane Thomas Tull LegendaryDavis, Simon Bisley and Legendary Comics editor-in–chief Bob Schreck today to preview the comics division’s upcoming Tower Chronicles and Shadow Walk publications and others. Legendary Comics has a booth on the Comic-Con exhibition floor this year. Tull himself is a big comics fan and one of the co-creators of Legendary Comics’ first original property Tower Chronicles, which is scheduled to come out this fall. Chris Hardwick, whose Nerdist Industries was purchased by Legendary earlier this week as Deadline exclusively reported, hosts the 5 PM panel.

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