Huffington Post Will Audition Wannabe Pundits For Streaming Video Site

Are you itching to become the next George Will, Keith Olbermann, or Michelle Malkin? Well, Arianna Huffington has a proposition for you tied to the launch of HuffPost Live 3,2,1…, an opinion site that goes live on August 13. Her AOL-owned company said today that it is inviting visitors to audition to become regular contributors by sending in videos “sounding off on what they are passionate about, what ticks them off, or what they’d like to see the network cover.” Those submitting the most “engaging” videos [not necessarily the most thoughtful or well argued ones, I guess] will be invited to to become regular guests. “HuffPost Live is all about engagement and making the HuffPost community an integral part of the dynamic, ongoing conversation that will be the heart and soul of the network,” Huffington says. “And we wanted to have a launch as innovative as the project itself, as opposed to a traditional top-down approach.” Does that mean viewers will vote on which pundits they want to see, sort of like American Idol? Uhhh, no. That will still be a traditional top-down decision by the editors. But the winners won’t come from the punditocracy. “People don’t want to be talked at any more; they want to be talked with,” says HuffPost Live President Roy Sekoff. “HuffPost Live” will live-stream 12 hours of original programming, five days a week from studios in New York and Los Angeles, with a satellite studio in Washington, DC.. It will show highlights overnight and on weekends.

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