House Dems Say Verizon Wireless Deal With Comcast “Raises Serious Concerns”

The letter from 32 House Democrats to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski and Attorney General Eric Holder comes as the two agencies head into the home stretch of their review of Verizon‘s nearly $4B deal to buy wireless spectrum from Comcast and other cable companies — and cross-market each other’s services. The FCC is expected to approve it, but the Justice Department remains concerned that it might result in rate hikes, Reuters reports. The FCC declined Friday to grant a critic of the deal, Public Knowledge, additional time to comment on it. The letter today from the House Democrats says that the Verizon-cable deal would “appear to turn the promise of the 1996 Telecommunications Act on its head.” When the law wiped away many cable regulations, “consumers were promised the benefits of increased competition between cable and phone companies, driving investment in broadband networks, creating jobs, enabling new and improved services and applications, and lower prices.” But Verizon’s deal with cable “would eliminate or reduce cross-platform competition and diminish incentives to expand FiOS deployment. This would leave many of the communities that we represent on the wrong side of the digital divide.” The companies have told Congress that the new arrangement would help the companies to create broadband services without diminishing competition. “There’s nothing in these transactions that will stop us from trying to beat the brains out of FiOS,” Comcast EVP David Cohen said in March. Here’s today’s letter:


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