The Comic-Con Effect: Does It Exist, And Who's Missing Out?

Luke Y. Thompson contributes to Deadline’s coverage of Comic-Con. This year’s event runs July 12-15.

Comic-Con 2012 MoviesFor all the claims that Comic-Con turned a movie into a hit, an equal number of pundits can argue otherwise. The fact is, it’s impossible to argue Comic-Con is the sole driving factor behind any successful movie. It’s more like the equivalent of a Republican presidential candidate┬áspeaking at Bob Jones University or the Democratic candidate speaking at the AFL-CIO: it may not guarantee a win, but you gotta fire up the base. On the other hand, one generally can say that if a presentation bombs at Comic-Con, the movie will have trouble ahead. For example, there’s last year’s still-unreleased Dorothy Of Oz, which attempted to coast on Patrick Stewart’s laurels (last year’s gay-sex proposal to him from a fan remains the best example to date of an audience questioner slipping through the screening process), and the animated feature 9, which used an already-overplayed trailer to try and excite fans who already had seen it many times.

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