Da Vinci #1 in Every Country It Opened

UPDATE: My latest lalogo.gif column,  The Passion of the Cash, is all about how I’ve seen the future of Hollywood, and it is foreign, as demonstrated by the craptastic Da Vinci Code.

Final May 19-21 numbers have come in for The Da Vinci Code: a $231.8 million worldwide opening, making it the 2nd biggest ever — $154.7 mil international, $77.1 mil domestic. Sony is telling me it was #1 in every territory it opened. I’m frankly flabbergasted that mainstream papers such as The New York Times treated this like an afterthought in its pages today since phenomenons don’t happen everyday in the movie biz. There’s not even much talk about it in Hollywood today. Guess it’s symptomatic of what we already know: this town really hates good things to happen to anyone except themselves. This should make Hollywood denizens happy: News reports say bootleg DVDs of The Da Vinci Code were on sale for 5 yuan ($.60) all over Shanghai today, but the camera work on the pirated copies was so horrendous it showed people walking in front of the cinema screen and had sounds of someone drinking a soda. Meanwhile, on Monday night, Jay Leno wisecracked that The Da Vinci Code‘s new nickname was “The Passion of the Cash.”

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