It's “Highly Unlikely” Lachlan Murdoch Will Run News Corp Publishing, Rupert Says

The News Corp CEO just said in an interview on Fox News that his son is happy running his businesses in Australia. And there’s no decision yet about whether Rupert’s other kids — including James and Elisabeth Murdoch — might play bigger roles once the media giant is divided into an entertainment company and a publishing one. “They have to earn it, and they have to want it,” Rupert says. He also told interviewer Neil Cavuto that he’s no longer interested in BSkyB. “We’ve moved on in our thinking….I’m much more bullish about America.” Europe is in for “a tough, long haul” and possibly a recession, while “we’ve got things to be very bullish about in this country.” No, he isn’t tacitly endorsing President Obama. “I’m taking a medium and long term view” of the economy. Indeed, he says that the presidential election might not have a big impact on News Corp although “if taxes go up, we’ll have less cash. If that happens, the economy will go down.”

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