More On Tim Burton & 'The Addams Family'

Last week, I wrote about a Universal Pictures/Illumination Entertainment deal to acquire the original Addams Family drawings by Charles Addams so Tim Burton could direct a stop-motion 3D animated film. Numerous Deadline readers thought the story was false based on an “exclusive” report. I stand by my story. The deal happened. Deadline hardly needs to become a self-appointed truth squad. That site should stick to its strength –which appears to be aggregating, and all the breathless scoops that come from surface-scratching celebrity junket interviews. As for my own cynical readers, I figure you are the same ones who sent nyah-nyah missives when Neil Patrick Harris denied my report that he would be in the song and dance number that opened the Academy Awards. (He rehearsed with Martin Short, but the latter bowed out due to a personal emergency). You guys should learn to trust me.

UPDATE: and I buried the hatchet.

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