How 'Jackass' Threequel Got Its 3D Nod

johnny_knoxville_narrowweb__300x452,0All over town, directors and studios are testing footage as they decide whether or not to go 3D. That included Jackass 3. From what I’m told, the filmmakers violated every rule that James Cameron set with Avatar, in which he used 3D to immerse an audience into his film, rather than sending projectiles out at the audience. Insiders say some of the footage displayed how Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and cohorts doing their usual pratfalls, but the stunt that really won the day was called “The Heli-cockter.” One of the Jackass crew—I believe it was “Party Boy” Chris Pontius—tethered a remote control-operated helicopter to his penis, and sat there  grinning as the copter swung in circles, flying out at the spectacle-wearing Paramount executives who green lit the film.

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